If somebody you know is having an anxiety attack near you, they might become very irrational and anxious. There are things you can attempt in order to help the person:

Don’t panic yourself and keep calm at all times

  • Ask them if they have any medication for this sort of attack.
  • Try to relocate to a place that is quiet.
  • Communicate with him/her.
  • Keep your questions as short as possible.
  • Don’t cause them more worry.
  • Try helping him or her focus and keep reassuring them that all is well.Try to calm their breathing down or count to 10 with them.
  • You should also keep talking to the person. Say nice and calming thing to them, it will help them get over the panic attack quicker.

If you do these little, but important things you will:

  • Decrease the level of anxiety the other person is feeling.
  • Keep the panic attack getting worse.
  • Help manage the unfortunate situation the other person is in.

If the panic attacks will continue to happen:

  • Try to get the individual some professional help in the form of talk therapy or medication.
  • Don’t rush them, healing process is quite long and takes time, be supportive and help them through it.
  • If the person is avoiding things that cause them anxiety try to help them face those things.
  • Never panic when the individual is having an attack.
  • Keep in mind that it is okay to ask if the other person is feeling okay or what they need.
  • Remember that panic attacks are only temporary.
  • Think positively and try to keep stress in your life to a minimum.