Common expenses:

The price of cannabis can differ from one place to another. Commonly one gram of marijuana can cost up to 30$; 3.5 grams up to 70$; and for an ounce you typically have to pay somewhere between 225$ – 450$.

Medicinal cannabis in many different forms like edibles, drinks and oils and tinktures. Usually edibles are stronger than the plant that is smoked. Concentrated marijuana products are usually sold by weight and one gram of concentrate is somewhere around 25$-50$.

Not everyone likes smoking cannabis and prefer eating it instead. There are tons of thing you can make with cannabutter. You can use cannabis butter while cooking anything that would require ordinary butter. The cost of edibles in a dispensary is usually below 10$.

A tincture is medicinal cannabis in liquid that is sold in a glass bottle. They can be used while cooking any dish or mixed with any beverage you like. The bottle costs around 30$.

Extra expenses:

Before you can go to a dispensary to buy medicinal cannabis, you need to go to a doctor and get a recommendation and you can get one only if you have a legitimate reason to have one. Medical marijuana is for treatment purposes only and should not be used for recreational purposes. The recommendation is not free, it costs somewhere between 100$-200$ and you have to renew your license every year for a fee.

If you are going to smoke the medicinal marijuana you will need appropriate tools to do so, which will cost you an extra couple of bucks or couple of hundred bucks, depending on what you buy.

How to be efficient:

  • When buying bigger quantities, you usually get a good discount of your products.
  • Many dispensaries give their first time clients bonuses to ensure a repeat customer.
  • There are good website that give coupons when available.