Scientist say that marijuana can elevate mood, but research also show that cannabis users suffer from depression more than non users.

Some people find that cannabis helps them with battling depression, but is there any science behind it?

Many individuals report utilizing cannabis has helped them get rid of their depression said Z. Walsh, a professor at the University of B.C. who heads an examination lab that does research on cannabis and emotional well-being.

For depression that is brought about by anxiety, cannabis can aid in dealing with it, as indicated by a recent report by University of Buffalo researchers. The discoveries demonstrated that anxiety and stress reduced cannabionid like molecules in the brain and induced depression.

Another study distributed in 2007 by a group at McGill University demonstrated that low measure of THC could work like a mood lifter. Nonetheless, in high doses, THC diminished serotonin and appeared to intensify depression and anxiety.

These discoveries affirm what has been accounted for by individuals who smoke cannabis said the doctor who co-wrote the McGill study.

But nothing has been 100% proven and research to find out all the medical properties of marijuana is very extensive, even too extensive.

There are many different cannabinoids and scientist have to find the right one to treat depression, that will take time, but eventually a cure can be found.

Cannabinoids are “ingredients” of cannabis, most know are THC and CBD. More than 60 different cannabinoids have been found in cannabis, making it difficult to decide the medication’s general impact on depression.