There are many different disorders connected with anxiety, what they have in common is unnecessary stressing, restlessness, misgiving and fobias. Social anxiety, fears, OCD and PTSD are connected with anxiety.

While everybody experiences anxiety once in a while, the individuals who experience the ill effects of anxiety get overwhelmed by their own negative thoughts. Roughly 20% of Americans and 15% of Europeans experience the ill effects of some type of anxiety issue.

Is there any help in cannabis?

Researchers find that our bodies have a natural cannabinoid system, which affects ones anxiety. You can find loads of cannabinoid receptors in amygdala and hypothalamus that have a big impact on anxiety.

Research also show that patients experience more elevated anxiety when cannabinoid receptors are obstructed by certain medication, for example, rimonabant. Similarly, people who use cannabis all the time, say it decreases their anxiety.

The endocannabinoid system in our body also helps helps to erase traumatic memories from our past ( helps people who are dealing with PTSD and also helps make new brain cells. This can tremendously help people who are dealing with anxiety.

Users who don’t smoke cannabis very often can experience panic attacks due to too much marijuana. Research shows that weed can increase and decrease anxiety in people, it depends on the amount ingested and what kind of marijuana is used.

How does THC affect Anxiety?

Clinical research done on both animals and people have uncovered an astounding impact of THC on anxiety. That is, THC appears to help people with anxiety when used little amounts of THC and make anxiety worse when high amounts of THC is ingested.

The research done by scientists can’t be taken 100% as truth, because in the studies pure THC was used, but weed contains many different cannbinoids which affect people differently.