Marijuana can aid you in losing extra weight

Research find it that regular weed smokers tend to be slimmer than non smokers due to marijuana acting as a insulin production regulator. Marijuana also helps manage caloric intake and keeping it in check and you slim.

Helps With Diabetes

Since cannabis aids in managing how much you weight, it helps you deal with and prevent Diabetes. Once more, you can thank marijuanas capacity to control insulin generation for this ability to fight diabetes.

Cannabis Helps Treat and Cure Cancer

This one is the most publicized positive medical effects of marijuana. Both researchers and scientists have made research public that show how marijuana helps treat/fight or even cure some types of cancers. THIS might be the most valuable medical property of marijuana.

Helps to Deal with anxiety and depression

Depression and anxiety disorders are one of the most widespread mental health problems in USA and in Europe, yet not research is put into developing a cure. Recent research shows some help may be found in marijuana.

Medical research is very important, but people who have self medicated and it has helped them, must be also hear. Marijuana can be used to help stabilize the levels of endocannabinoids in the brain, which can in turn help with anxiety, depression and overall mood.

Recent Study Indicates Help with Autism

Research has not found much yet, but they are looking into it. It won’t cure autism, but it can help children who have frequent and severe mood swings to stabilize their mood and thus helping the kid and the parents tremendously.