Cannabis Causes Anxiety in Users?

The correlation between cannabis and anxiety is a difficult one. Some people use it to calm them down and relieve stress. It helps some to lower their anxiety and depression levels or unwind after a long day. But others report of having increased anxiety or even panic attacks after ingesting cannabis.

What effect marijuana has on someone depends largely on the drug ingested and what kind of anxiety one has. If you fear you have anxiety you should visit your doctor to determine what type of anxiety you have as there are quite a few.

Drugs from the streets can all increase anxiety

Extensive research must be done to know how cannabis affects people with anxiety, but there is not enough research yet due to marijuana being illegal in most places, but medical marijuana you get from a certified dispensary is different from the one you get from a drug dealer :

  • Drugs from a drug dealer can be laced with other substances that may cause an anxiety attack.
  • You may feel anxiety just because you are going to buy drugs from an illegal source.
  • There is always a chance you will get caught red handed when using marijuana.

You should automatically assume that drugs from the streets will increase you anxiety rather than reduce it. Marijuana should only be bought from a dispensary and only after you go to a doctor and get a recommendation from him to treat your problem with medicinal marijuana.

Too much anxiety can lead to a panic attack. It can be brought on by a negative sensation in your body. For example you start unexpectedly feeling something physical that brings about high amounts of anxiety that ends in an anxiety attack.

Here are some things that trigger anxiety attacks and are common side effects of cannabis:

  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Disorientation
  • Shallow breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Sweating