You may have heard of liquid THC, it is liquidized by the process of extracting THC from cannabis plants and liquidizing it.

You can find liquid marijuana in your local dispensary sold in small containers. The liquid is meant for vaporizers.

The procedure by which the Weed E-juices is made is by putting the weed into a glycerin or liquor tincture, and afterward utilizing that as a part of your vape pen. The liquid is usually made from hash, however it can be made utilizing fresh material from the plant itself. The weed must sit in alcohol for up to two weeks and it must be stirred daily. After the THC is fully broken down, the excess plant material is removed and the glycerin is added to the blend. What you get at this point is the end product.

There is another way to make THC liquid by using butane, but it is highly flammable and more dangerous to do.

You can even find these THC E-Juices in different flavors as some companies like to mix things up. It is usually achieved by mixing the E-Juice with something that gives flavor like for example other oils.

How is the quality of liquid marijuana?

All things considered, if you are looking for something that is strong, then you found just the thing. It is very potent. THC E-Juice is 5 times stronger that regular marijuana. Liquid marijuana contains 4-5 times more THC than regular marijuana buds.

In any case, you should be careful when smoking THC E-Juice for the first time. The high THC content implies that smoking a lot of it can be overwhelming. Some people can’t handle that much THC at first. Making your own oil at home can be dangerous as well, when done incorrectly.

But like with all marijuana products, the reviews are mixed. On one hand there are people who enjoy liquid weed and on the other hand people are getting panic attacks from it. In any case, vaping liquid weed is one of the most ideal approaches to get pure THC into your system without any of the nasty smoke. If you don’t like smoking, but require medical marijuana for health reasons, then this might be a great alternative for you.