There are things you can try to reduce your anxiety and stress levels:

  • Take a break. Take up a hobby, watch a movie, go to the beach, get a back rub, or read about how to relax. Taking a break helps you calm down and think more rationally.
  • Maintain a good diet. Try to keep a regular eating schedule. If you like to snack then make sure the snacks are healthy and not full of sugar.
  • Tobacco, coffee and liquor all increase anxiety and stress, so try to keep away from them or use them as little as possible.
  • Make yourself a sleep and wake schedule, your body will rest better that way.
  • Practice relaxation methods every day to keep yourself away from anxiety and stress.
  • When feeling sudden anxiety, try to breath in and out very calmly.
  • You can try slowly counting from one to twenty.
  • Try to take baby steps not to rid yourself of anxiety at once, it’s just not possible.
  • Acknowledge that you can’t control all that will happen. Put your anxiety in context: Is it truly as terrible as you think?
  • Be open to humor and new things.
  • Try to think good thoughts, even if it seems hard at first, but it will get easier after some training.
  • Find yourself something to do like a hobby or a fun activity you like, it will help you keep your mind off of things that cause you stress.
  • Try to find out your anxiety triggers. Maybe it is someone or something. Finding the root of the problem always helps.

Talking about your problem can help a lot. Sometimes thoughts that cause you anxiety, when said out loud sound silly even to you. You can also go to talk therapy, which has proven to be very helpful.

Anxiety can be managed and should be managed, leaving your condition untreated can lead to even worse negative effects than anxiety.